Opening Date and Time: Thursday, February 8, 2018, 12 a.m. Pacific (3 a.m. Eastern)

Closing Date and Time: Sunday, February 18, 2018, beginning at 6 p.m. Pacific (9 p.m. Eastern)

Placing your bids online:

You must first register with Open-Wire Insulator Services to participate in the auction. Please do not wait until the end of the auction to register due to potential delays with the registration authorization process. This is a one-time registration, so be sure to save your username and password for use in future auctions. If you forget your username or password, please select "Log In" in the header, select "Forget your Username or Password?", then enter your email address.

Bidding Instructions: Once you are registered, you will use the "Place Bid" button found at each item to place your real-time bids. Real-time bidding will post your bidding results immediately and notify you when you have been outbid. You may submit your bid at the next bid increment (as in a live auction) using the proper bidding increments shown in the chart, or you may submit the highest amount you are willing to pay (referred to as your "top bid"). Please note: This is comparable to a live auction, ONCE SUBMITTED, BIDS CANNOT BE RETRACTED.

Placing your bids by phone:

(1) Present the auction item number for the item you wish to bid on. (2) You have two bidding options: Check current status of the item, then submit your bid at the next bid increment (as in a live action) using the proper bidding increments shown in the chart below. You continue in this fashion until you are top bidder or cease. Or, you may submit the highest amount you are willing to pay (referred to as your "top bid"). We may not always be available by phone, so please leave a voice mail message. 

Submitting a "top bid" allows us to bid on your behalf, using the minimum raise amounts, until you are either the successful highest bidder or your top bid is surpassed.

Example: The current active high bid is $250. You submit a top bid of $500. The previous high bidder does not have a top bid entered, so you are now on top at the single increment bid total of $275. Someone raises your current high bid of $275 with his or her top bid of $325. We then bid one increment higher at $350 for you. This continues until you are either high bidder or your top bid is surpassed. If your bid of $350 is entered and no further bids are received, you win the item for $350 (plus buyer's premium if applicable). In the event that a bid submission ties a previously submitted top bid, the tie goes to the previous bidder. The current bidder must then surpass the tied amount by a single bidding increment to take current control of the item. (This is an automatic process when using the online bidding process).

You may enter single bids as often as you like to raise your top bid amount. Top bid amounts are kept strictly confidential until they are tied or surpassed. The winner of each item is declared when all bidding ceases at the end of the ten/five minute bidding window.

Minimum raise amounts for open bidding:

Up to $200  . . .  $10
$200 to $1,000  . . .  $25
$1,000 to $3,000  . . .  $50
$3,000 and up  . . .  $100

Reserves & Estimates: All items have a minimum acceptable value, usually set by the consignors. This minimum is listed with each item as the Opening Bid. If you are the first bidder on any given item, your bid will be equal to the listed opening bid amount.

Ten/Five Minute Window: This basically allows the full auction closing to extend to an unspecified time as long as bids continue to come in after the posted pre closing time of the auction. A ten minute timer period will be set for the first hour. As each new bid is entered, the timer is reset. If the auction does not close within the first hour, the ten minute timer will reduce to five minutes, where it will remain until the auction closes. Please note that this closing process does not occur on a per item basis; the entire auction is extended as each new bid is entered. Once a ten or five minute period ends without any further bids received, the full auction immediately closes and no further bids will be accepted. Not only does this prevent last second sniping, it also provides bidders the opportunity to consider additional items should their set maximum bids be surpassed on their current bid items in the final minutes of the auction.

Buyer's Premium: All items will be assessed a 10% buyer's premium on the final bid amount received.

Convenience Bidding: You may instruct us to bid on your behalf on additional items during the course of the auction should your final top bid on one or more active items be surpassed. You can do this by indicating: (1) Your order of priorities by item number, along with your maximum top bid amount (excluding BP) on each of these items. (2) Your total expenditure limit (excluding BP) on your total purchases. We will bid on your behalf up to your specified limit in the priority sequence you provide. If/when you successfully meet your total expenditure limit we will exclude your name from your remaining lower priorities. This is especially helpful if you will not be available to follow the closing of the auction. Contact us by phone or email if you have any further questions or would like to sign up for this free service.

Closing Results: Auction results are posted at the final close of the sale, which include the 10% buyer's premium. All unsold items are immediately available at the close of the sale for the listed reserve, plus the 10% BP. A printable, downloadable post-results list will be posted shortly after the final close of the sale. Invoices will be emailed to the winning bidders within two days of the auction's closing.

Payment: Cashiers checks, US Postal money orders and personal checks are accepted, payable to: Dwayne Anthony. Personal checks may slightly delay shipping. Sorry, we do not accept PayPal or credit cards. California residents must add 7.95% sales tax, or you may use a valid California Resale Permit number, in which case we will provide a one-time form for you to complete and return for our files.

Shipments: In most cases, shipments will go out within 2-5 days of receipt of payment. Items paid by personal check are subject to a slight "clearing" delay.

Shipping, Handling, & Insurance Charges: We primarily ship by USPS Insured Priority Mail. Since invoices are prepared and sent out prior to actual packing, we will use an estimated scale based on approximate weight of your order and your shipping location. We will never intentionally add extra fees for our labor or for packing materials. For the average size insulator, domestic shipping fees can range from $7.00 to $17.00 for the first item and $3.00 to $6.00 for each additional, based on your location. Insurance is generally $2.75 and up, based on the value of the package. For higher values, usually in the $1,500 and higher range, we generally ship by USPS Insured Registered Mail. Registered Mail provides reduced rates and securer shipping, however it can be slow, often requiring up to 7-10 days for delivery. If you prefer faster service you can request standard Priority or Express Mail upon receiving your invoice. Large, heavy items, such as power pieces, will have additional shipping charges added, as well as larger orders requiring more than one shipping package. Again, your shipping charges will be estimated fairly, but not always exact.

Colors: Colors are described and depicted as accurately as possible. Color shades may vary from one screen to the next, so please call or email if you require additional information.

Return Policy: All inquiries and verifications as to condition and colors should be made prior to placing your bids. If you ultimately feel the condition of an item was inaccurately described, you may return it within three days of receipt. Otherwise, in all fairness to our consignors, no further conditions for returns are offered.

Bid Submissions: You may submit bids on-line (recommended), by mail, phone or in-person to:

Dwayne Anthony
28390 Saffron Ave.
Highland, CA 92346-6051

(909) 862-9279

** OWIS reserves the explicit right to cancel and/or reschedule our auctions
 should any unforeseen occurrence dictate such action.

** We also reserve the right to refuse bid submissions from anyone.

OPEN-WIRE INSULATOR SERVICES is owned and operated by Dwayne & Ofelia Anthony. No portion of this auction, including photographs, may be copied or reproduced for financial gain without the prior written permission of Open-Wire Insulator Services. Free use of information and photos for non-profit educational purposes may be granted upon request.