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CD 139 Combination Safety w/drips!
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ITEM No.:CD No.: 139  EMBOSSING: (f) Combination Safety (b) Pat. Appld. For.  COLOR: Blue aqua.  CONDITION: Fracture at front skirt, terminating at wire groove, rear base of skirt light arc bruise, flaking/chipping to drips and ‘ears’.  SUMMARY: This rare CD style is found offered by Brookfield in an early trade journal advertisement. The design of this insulator closely resembles a patent issued to Edward Schoenthaler in 1903. The Brookfield advertisement, circa 1909, pictures this insulator and states, “Combination Safety—Designed to prevent dropping of line wire to cross-arm if the tie wire breaks, and to eliminate the necessity of tying to every insulator.” It further states, “With or without drip points”. We are aware of six CD 139s, ranging from good to damaged condition. Of the six, there are three smooth base Combination Safety’s and only two containing drip points. The sixth smooth base example has a slightly different mold design and is embossed with ‘Safty’ rather than ‘Safety’. The ‘Safty’ was likely the original prototype, followed by the second variant offered here with the vulnerable weak points at the arms beefed up. The drip points were added as an option. This is one of those rare CD styles that seldom changes hands within our hobby…in any condition. The other only known example with drips was last sold several years ago for well over $20,000. This is truly a ‘double rare’: (1) ‘rare’ opportunity; (2) ‘rare’ CD.
ESTIMATED VALUE: $7,500 - $10,000  OPENING BID: $4,000