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CD 141.7 Twiggs, light sca
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ITEM No.:CD No.: 141.7  EMBOSSING: (dome) WR Twiggs Pat Aug 29 1905  COLOR: Light sun colored amethyst.  CONDITION: Ground base, underpour and short surface annealing line in skirt are all factory produced, so we’ll call it ‘factory mint’.  SUMMARY: Only 13 examples of this rare insulator are known to exist. This unique design incorporated two balls that were placed in the top center slot, and then wedged into place in opposing directions to secure the wire. It appears none of the known examples were ever placed into working service. The odd, unconventional design was likely found to be problematic and it’s speculated that only a few samples, or prototypes, were manufactured by the inventor, W.R. Twiggs. All of the original examples were manufactured in clear glass containing manganese dioxide. The consignor exposed this example to the natural UV rays of the sun to produce this light sun colored amethyst shade. At least two or three Twiggs insulators have been transformed to a natural sun-colored amethyst while in the hands of collectors. Most of the 13 known in both clear and sca have become entrenched into private collections. This eye-catching insulator, at over 4-1/2” tall, is in wonderful condition and displays beautifully. Although it may appear unstable in the photos due to the underpour, it is actually very well balanced. You can display it for a few months from the underpoured side, and then give it a 180 degree turn for a new, fresh look! Four photos provided for varying viewing angles and lighting conditions.
ESTIMATED VALUE: $3,000 - $4,000  OPENING BID: $2,000