Item 21

CD 124.3 Dec 1871, crude green aqua
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ITEM No.: 21  CD No.: 124.3  EMBOSSING: (f crown) Patent Dec 19 1871 (f skirt) A (b crown) 4  COLOR: Green aqua.  CONDITION: Thin base slice (View 2) and a couple minor flaws.  SUMMARY: Solid dome glass, with very low threads, indicates an over-abundance of glass was used for the mold pour of this early Hemingray pony. These over-poured examples tend to see greater interest from collectors. The crude, rippled texture of the glass adds even more desirability. This added character will surely make it a standout in any lineup of 124.3ís. View 3 is provided with added direct lighting to better showcase the crude surface. (From the Sandra Drummond collection.)