Item 24

CD 128 Hemingray, milky white opalescent
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ITEM No.: 24  CD No.: 128  EMBOSSING: (f) Hemingray CS (b) E-14 B  COLOR: Milky white opalescent.  CONDITION: Three adjacent sizable chips to the lower wire ridge (View 2) and typical surface staining/pitting.  SUMMARY: Heavy translucent milky-white opalescent glass was used in the manufacture of this experimental Hemingray product. Most of the denser milky opal examples were salvaged from the Hemingray dump, with very few remaining intact or void of fractures. Surface staining is typical on these, from moderate discoloration to severe etching and decay. The basic standard for seeking a good example is: (1) the least amount of staining and surface degradation; (2) no internal fractures; (3) the ability to at least display well from one side. Even with the condition issues, a better example would be difficult to acquire. View 1 is with direct outdoor lighting; View 2 is with indoor back lighting. (From the Sandra Drummond collection.)