Item 27

CD 145 HG Co, orange amber
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ITEM No.: 27  CD No.: 145  EMBOSSING: (f) [M] H.G. Co (b) Petticoat  COLOR: Orange amber.  CONDITION: Not much to report, just a rear paper-thin elongated matchhead flake and two other tiny flakes, all on upper wire ridge. An easy vnm.  SUMMARY: Of the three primary amber shades found in the H.G. Co Petticoat lineup (orange amber, golden amber & yellow amber), this is the scarcest. The combined rich orange color and fizzy bubbles produce magnificent eye appeal, especially with suitable lighting. With mint examples surpassing the 2K mark, this vnm example should easily hit or surpass the estimated range. Unless you are an absolute mint purist, the very minor flaws should not affect your decision to add this desirable beehive to your collection!
ESTIMATED VALUE: $1,000 - $1,250  OPENING BID: $600