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CD 158.9 Boston ‘screwtop’
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ITEM No.:CD No.: 158.9  EMBOSSING: (rim of inner skirt) Boston Bottle Works Patent Applied For  COLOR: Aqua.  CONDITION: Only one ¾” base chip (View 2) and very minor pecks and flecks.  SUMMARY: Known to collectors as the “Boston Screwtop” due to the interesting threaded projection that spirals upward from the dome. These intriguing insulators have always been one of the leading favorites with collectors. This beauty will display at vnm++ on your shelf, so don’t let minor defects lessen your interest; it is in overall great condition! The values of vnm to mint aqua examples are well into the $5,000+ range, so the reserve on this one should generate some enthusiastic interest.
ESTIMATED VALUE: $3,500 - $4,500  OPENING BID: $1,500