Item 31

CD 155 Kerr, clear w/cobalt blue splotch
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ITEM No.: 31  CD No.: 155  EMBOSSING: (f) Kerr DP1 (b) Made in U.S.A. 24 72  COLOR: Clear with cobalt splotch.  CONDITION: Mint.  SUMMARY: Produced back in the early 1970s for collectors in an actual Kerr mold at the Kerr Glass factory. The original intention was to produce a solid blue insulator, but the agitator in the tank of the automatic press was unintentionally left in the off position, not allowing the cobalt coloring to blend properly with the clear glass. That resulted in a series of insulators with mild to wild cobalt blue splotching. Most collectors feel this production error created a much more exciting end result. This example contains a nice downward splotch that reverses adjacently to itself, and then lightly flows over the top of the pin hole.