Item 36

CD 162 HG Co 1893, golden whiskey
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ITEM No.: 36  CD No.: 162  EMBOSSING: (f) H.G. Co Patent May 2 1893 (b) Petticoat  COLOR: Bright golden whiskey amber.  CONDITION: A half-dozen partially chipped drips, all to the inside, and a front peek-a-boo arc base bruise that is nearly imperceptible from most viewing angles.  SUMMARY: A highly sought after color, somewhere between golden ginger ale and whiskey amber. Lighter and brighter than the typical whiskey amber shades. Overall good condition for a sdp signal. The arc bruise is essentially unperceptive with a direct frontal view, hiding inconspicuously behind the lower front embossing, so it should be of little concern. An unusual color shade for your colorful signal lineup. View 1 & View 2 are indoor back lighting; View 3 is direct outdoor lighting.