Item 38

CD 162 McLaughlin 1972, red, white & blue
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ITEM No.: 38  CD No.: 162  EMBOSSING: (f) McLaughlin No 19 (b) 1897-1972  COLOR: Swirled red, white and blue.  CONDITION: Very close inspection might find a manufacturing flaw or two, so we’ll say ‘factory mint’ (or should we say, ‘garage mint’).  SUMMARY: Produced by William McLaughlin in his garage during the early 1970’s. The swirling in these can range in intensity from faint wisps, to wild multi-colored swirls. This example suggests that Mr. McLaughlin may have had a stanch patriotic side to him, since it exhibits a powerful red, white & blue theme. The swirls are quite profuse throughout the entire insulator. One of the nicer multi-colored examples we have had the pleasure to offer.