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CD 176 Whitall Tatum ‘mushroom’
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ITEM No.:CD No.: 176  EMBOSSING: (f) Whitall Tatum Co No.12 Made in U.S.A.  COLOR: Straw.  CONDITION: Vnm+, essentially mint to most collector standards.  SUMMARY: Referred to by collectors as “the mushroom”. From what we have learned, these didn’t see much use beyond experimental applications, so it appears their production numbers were limited, leaving only a few survivors in the hobby today. The design of this insulator is quite unique, which in turn generates a strong interest with collectors. If you are searching for that one distinctively different insulator style to place front center in your collection for a solid visual impact, you need look no further.
ESTIMATED VALUE: $5,800 - $7,500  OPENING BID: $3,000