Item 45

CD 723 dot/dash Wade, blue aqua
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ITEM No.: 45  CD No.: 723  EMBOSSING: none [dots & dashes]  COLOR: Blue aqua.  CONDITION: Fingernail slice off the dome edge (View 3) and minor nibbles. Mildly colorful surface patina and light etching.  SUMMARY: The trend of leaving artifacts, including insulators, in their Ďas foundí condition appears to be on an upward swing. In some instances it is a must. Such is the case with this early threadless Wade that was originally found in a creek embankment in downtown Vicksburg, Mississippi. With direct lighting there is a light rainbow effect on the surface, much like the coveted glass found in the mudflats of Benicia, CA. A great piece with some history to go with it. View 1 & View 2 are indoor back lighting; View 3 is direct outdoor lighting.