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CD 182 Whitall Tatum Dry Spot
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ITEM No.:CD No.: 182  EMBOSSING: (f) Dry Spot Insulator No 10 (b) [‘WT’ monogram] Made in USA  COLOR: Off clear/straw.  CONDITION: Vnm+.  SUMMARY: Fashioned after the Rufus Gould patent of 1929. The term ‘Dry Spot’ was issued to this insulator due to its special insulating features. A rather large insulator for telephone use, it was designed to allow a telephone drop line to be potted and sealed under the skirt, reducing leakage at the connection. They are quite scarce and highly sought after by CD collectors. Current high book value of $3,000 is based on record prices paid in the past, but recent sales of similar examples in good condition have decreased to our estimate range below. Now may be a good time to acquire one? The lighter color on the example may give it an advantage in scarcity, since most tend to have a deeper straw hue.
ESTIMATED VALUE: $1,800 - $2,500  OPENING BID: $1,200