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CD 239.2 Kimble—1 of 2 known!
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ITEM No.:CD No.: 239.2  EMBOSSING: (f) Kimble-850-1 (b) Made in USA 1-54  COLOR: Clear.  CONDITION: Vnm+.  SUMMARY: One of only two known in this CD style. It was possibly an experimental type that saw little to no commercial production. For the most part, from the mid-1970s through the 1990s, the hobby could only account for this one sole specimen, although there was a different example pictured in the 1970s editions of Milholland’s Most About Glass Insulators. We knew a second was out there somewhere and it finally reappeared when a collector purchased a small collection in California in 1998. It matched the Milholland photo right down to the stained surface and the same base chip. The example offered here is obviously the better of the two, so how special is this exclusive opportunity to own the best of only two known?
ESTIMATED VALUE: $6,000 - $8,500  OPENING BID: $4,000