Item 9

CD 102 CGI Co, lemon lime yellow
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ITEM No.:CD No.: 102  EMBOSSING: (f) C.G.I. Co.  COLOR: Light lemon lime yellow.  CONDITION: Small rear wire ridge chip.  SUMMARY: A rather unique little California pony that retains an unusual amount of extruded glass at the mold line. The mold was obviously improperly secured prior to the glass pour, which allowed the extrusion, creating the thin ‘fins’ of glass at the mold line. We are normally very hesitant to offer the more common yellow California CD styles in our auctions. This is due to the ease of ‘creating’ them by exposing purple shades to high thermal sources. It can be very difficult at times to identify the authentic yellows from the heated ones. In this case, it is quite apparent that this pony was never placed in service, at least with a wire attached, otherwise the glass ‘fins’ would have been broken away. With no sun exposure, it did not transform to the typical purple shades, but remained this gorgeous yellow shade, with maybe a hint of green. If you are going to add a yellow California to your collection, why not one that provides you with the strong assurance of being original and unaltered?